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Time: 8pm EST - 6pm MST - 5pm PST

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Past Topics Include


  • Do We Need A CPC to Get A Job?
  • Where Do I Take the CPC Exam?
  • Blitz 2011 vs 2012 changes
  • CPC┬« Test 2012: what updates and suggestions to pass the test?
  • How Do I Find a Code with Multiple Procedures?
  • More E/M questions
  • Confusiton with Consult Codes when Dealing with
  • Medicare/Medicare Advantage Patients
  • Excision-Benign Lesions
  • MOHs micrographic surgery codes (17311-17315)
  • When coding 17000, 17003, and 17004, do you put the number of lesions removed (units) or do you list each lesion speparately with the 59 modifier
  • Determining the Level of MDM
  • ICD 9- Shaken Baby Question
  • Organic vs. Non-organic
  • Freezing on the CPC Board Exam Path and Lab section: Panels
  • Path and Lab: Reproductive Medicine
  • CPT- EM: Nursing Facility Services
  • Tabbing Your manuals
  • ICD: Working Diagnosis
  • Coding for Vaccines
  • OB Question on a Practice Exam
  • When to Use Modifiers and Level II HCPCS
  • Review of Neoplasm Coding from the ICD 9 Manual
  • The Proper Way to Code for Drug Infusion for Patients with a Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  • What You Should Know About Coding Preventative Medicine
  • Review of Prolonged Services Coding
  • The Mystery Behind E Codes
  • Q&A CCS vs CPT
  • Should You Code Total or Partial for a Thyroid Lobectomy Surgery
  • What is HCC Coding?
  • Medical Decision Making Table of Risk
  • How Many Codes Do You Need
  • When Coding a Pregnancy and Delivery?
  • How to Code a Colonoscopy Screening
  • When Should I Start to Study for ICD-10?
  • What Are My Options for Learning ICD-10 Without Attending College?
  • How Does a Coder Determine and Sequence Late Effects and Principal Diagnosis?
  • J3301 Are Being Rejected by Medicare. How Should They Be Submitted?
  • The Difference Between Etiology and Manifestation Codes
  • Coding for Physicals Internet Research
  • Intraocular Lens
  • V Codes
  • Orthopedics
  • GERD
  • ICD Sequencing
  • Omit Codes
  • Debridement
  • Hypertension
  • Ceus CPC
  • Search Tips

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